Things that You Need To Know about Townsville City

Townsville is a coastal city found in the northern part of the state of Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a very beautiful place that is blessed with so much from nature to social life. One of the major places that most people like about Townsville is the magnetic island offshore. The town is basically pedestrian-friendly. so you can stroll around with your pals and see the grand and well-refurbished 19th-century buildings. With these building, you cannot miss your way back to the hotel since they act as landmarks.

Young and lively people dominate Townsville’s population. In fact, the town is identified with the thousands of students who mingle with the members of the armed forces. And the population of these people is characterized by young ages. Townsville is about 350km away from the city of Cairns. Keep reading to know more about Townsville, Australia.

Life in Townsville

As I mentioned earlier, this town is dominated by young populace thus the town is very lively. The town is also referred to as the second capital of Queensland. Its population is approximately 200000 people. The town offers a dynamic lifestyle with its strong economy. In fact, there is no other Australian city that is diverse in different social aspect like Townsville.

The town stands tall for its world-class educational, medical and housing facilities. If you ask anybody who has lived In Townsville, they will tell you that life there is very cheap. One of the main reason as to why life is cheap in this city is because the housing plan is affordable.

The Economy

Townsville also boasts of its diverse economy. The economy is held by notable industries like retail trade, government administration, improved health and education, defense and security, construction, manufacturing, mining, and property business. The Port of Townsville and the rail of Queensland link to allow shipping of raw materials and final products to and from the industries. The city has a huge Copper

Refinery industry, Sun Metals Zinc industry, and provides a link to Queensland’s Nickel refinery industry. The city is one of the main Queensland’s centers for government administration.

Geo-location of Townsville City

The city is located between Brisbane and the Cape York. There is also a river known as River Ross that flows from the hills of Mount Hervey and Stuart ranges. It is the outlets of Cleveland Bay. The local authorities are covering about 3,736 sq. kilometers of the Queensland state.

The Environment

Townsville lies in the Tropics. The lower plains of the city are mainly characterized by a good number of, creeks, rivers and freshwater wetlands. It has long dented coastline which houses many plant and animal species. The hills and ranges create an important feature of Townsville called the Castle Hill.

The beaches are very natural still with prominent mangrove estuaries. The coast and its estuarine part act as a natural habitat for animals like snakes, crocodiles, and many amphibians and reptiles. The city is simply diverse, not to mention its parks and other natural heritage reefs.

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